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Half Leg                                              £12                     
Lip                                                      £3
Chin                                                    £4
Lip and chin                                        £6
Eyebrows                                            £4    Eyebrow wax and tint  £6
Eyebrows tint and wax and lash tint   £9
Underarm                                           £7   
(Mobile treatments - £10 minimum spend applies for waxing )
I recommend that you maintain your waxing treatments throughout the
winter months even though we tend to cover up more.
This means that when spring and summer arrive, your unwanted hair will be
less dense and less course and so generally easier to remove.
It is recommended that you attend your appointment in loose fitting clothes to avoid friction around the treatment area. 
An after care leaflet will be issued after your first waxing treatment.
Eye treatments LiverpoolEYE LASH & BROW TINTING
Tinting your lashes and brows will help to frame your eyes and
enhance your facial features.
Fair hair on lashes and brows can be tinted to define their appearance.
Recommended for the following categories:-
  • If you do lots of sport (especially swimming)
  • If you are sensitive to make-up
  • If you find the daily make-up application too time consuming
  • An eye brow tint will help if you have got very fine eyebrows
  • You are prone to ‘panda eyes’ that can result with mascara
  • If you wear contact lenses

Eyelash tint                                £6
Eyebrow tint                              £3  
Eyebrow wax and tint                £6
Lash and brow                            £7
Lash tint and brow tint and wax £9
 A tint test is required 24 hours prior to treatment to ensure there is no allergic reaction.
07974 978411
0151 548 1086
contact Jan

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