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Facial Treatments

£5 discount off £25/£30 facials 
when you have any other treatment at the same visit.

Comprehensive facials at a competitive cost

Essentials Facial                        £12            20 minutes
gel cleanse (to remove skin debris and make up)
exfoliation(to remove dead skin cells) 
cream cleanse
facial massage
skin tonic

£5 discount off £25 / £30  facials 
when you have any other treatment at the same visit.

Casmara PEEL OFF Mask Facial     £30       55 minutes  

Hydrates,lifts,firms,deep cleans, re balances,calms,soothes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
crystal clear productsgel cleanse
milk cleanser
toning mist
Facial massage
Casmara mask
complementary hand or foot massage

All skin types

Tightening and Lifting Facial  £30               55 minutes
A comprehensive facial using Silhouette products
silhouette facial LiverpoolA concentrated hydrating Ampoule is applied to create a super boost for the Cellular Tightening Masque during which you choose either complementary hand or foot massage.
Visible reduction in lines and wrinkles.
Mature skin
£5 discount off £25/£30 facials 
when you have any other treatment at the same visit.

Indulgent Facial                       £25            45 minutes  
gel cleanse
cream or milk cleanse
facial massage 
mask to suit skin type
during which you choose either a hand or foot massage
skin toner
eye serum
toning mist to finish
all skin types

Collagen Face Mask Facial           £25          45 minutes

Collagen facials Liverpool
Indulgent Facial (as above) using a collagen mask to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
all skin types

£5 discount off £25 / £30  facials 
when you have any other treatment at the same visit.

Enzymatic Peeling Mask       £25                 45 minutes

enzymatic mask facialIndulgent Facial using a powder mask that uses natural fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells which make the skin look dull. Pores are unblocked allowing the skin to be refreshed and to breathe again. 
Congested skin

Glycolic Acid Face Peel Treatment         £12 or course                                                                of 3 for £30

glycolic peel facialExfoliation using Silhouette's Dermafusion AHA’s formulation of 10% Glycolic acid
Rich in fruit extracts such as grapefruit and lemon, this facial provides a peeling effect on dead skin cells and opens blocked pores.This action reveals a fresher, softer skin.
All skin types (except sensitive) but especially sun damaged

Diamond Peel Facial Treatment         £12 or course  
                                                         of 3 for £30                                                              (3 within 6 weeks)
diamond peel machineExfoliation using Diamond Peel as described below
Serum and moisturiser                        
As the dead surface skin cells are gently buffed away, the healthy surface skin cells are being massaged by the action of the gentle abrasion of the diamond discs. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to improve the appearance of shallow acne and scars and it will help to deep cleanse the pores. 
Improves skin texture and pigmentation.

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