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There are several different skin types such as
  • Normal Dry (lacks oil)
  • Dehydrated (lacks water)
  • Oily and congested 
  • Sensitive
  • Combination Skin   which is a mix of two or more of the above on different areas of your face.
  • Mature  showing signs of wrinkles and lines
Your skin type can change from time to time
Skin type can be affected by 
  • diet
  • lifestyle
  • work and home environment e.g. air conditioning
  • seasonal changes e.g. exposure to the sun and cold 
  • medication 
  • hormones
You may have an idea of your own skin type. However, a complementary skin analysis will be undertaken to ensure the appropriate products are used for your skin type. Home Advice will be given to ensure you carry on your skin care regimen between your professional facial treatments.

You are welcome to call me to discuss any concerns you may have prior to you making an appointment. I may recommend which facial is most suitable for you.

A professional facial massage will 

  • stimulate the facial and neck muscles
  • provide lymph drainage (can help prevent swelling by draining away  excess fluids and so reduces puffiness)
  • help with blood circulation
  • stimulate new blood cell growth
£5 discount off £25 /£30  facials 
when you have any other treatment at the same visit.

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