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Manicures and Pedicures
Manicures and Pedicures to suit everyone’s budget.
High quality products are used throughout the treatment range.

Please remove all polish from fingers and toes prior to treatment
and wear flip flops or similar for pedicures.

07974 978411
0151 548 1086

 Mini Taster Treatments for hands and feet also available

NB Shellac and Minx fingers or toes includes nail and cuticle preparation.

SHELLAC NAILS                           
Shellac Fingers                            £15                                 
Shellac Toes                                £15  
Fingers and Toes                         £25 (save £5)

Shellac removal/re nourish    £4     
Shellac application and removal should be carried out by professionals only.
Removal and re nourish takes approximately 20 minutes.

My manicures and pedicures offer a wide choice of Nails Inc., Leighton Denny, OPI, L'Oreal, China Glaze and CND colours and
magnetic, crackle and glitter special effects

OPI Varnish Manicures Liverpool

Handy Manicure                       20 minutes £10
  • nail shape
  • base, colour and top coats  

Essentials Manicure                  30 minutes £15 Shellac finish £22
  • nail soak
  • cuticle tidy
  • nail shape
  • hand massage
  • base, colour and top coats   

Indulgent Manicure                       50 minutes £23 Shellac finish £29

  • nail soak
  • cuticle tidy
  • nail shape
  • gentle hand scrub
  • deep heat conditioning treatment of either warm paraffin wax, hand mask  or warmed oil where hands are encased in heated mittens.
  • gentle massage
  • base, colour and top coats 
(Please Note:  Warm Oil may replace the Paraffin Wax if the client is diabetic.)

Please remove all polish  for all manicure treatments

Acid Glycolic Peel    or     Diamond Peel treatment for your hands                                            30 minutes                £12
rejuvenate tired and sun damaged  skin on your hands
  • hand wash
  • hand polish
  • glycolic peel/ diamond peel
  • hand massage
  • hand mask
  • heated mittens             

nails incvarnish Liverpool


Petite Pedicure                    20 minutes      £10  
  • nail shape
  • base, colour and top coats                 

Essentials Pedicure               30 minutes    £15 Shellac finish   £22
  • Foot hydration 
  • cuticle tidy
  • nail shape
  • Emjoi Micro Pedi work for heels
  • foot cream
  • base, colour and top coats.             

Indulgent Spa Pedicure          50 minutes   £25 Shellac finish   £31

  • aromatic foot soak
  • cuticle tidy
  • nail shape
  • Emjoi Micro Pedi hard skin removal
  • gentle foot scrub 
  • deep heat conditioning treatment of either warm paraffin wax,  warmed oil or foot mask where feet are encased in heated bootees. 
  • gentle massage
  • base, colour and top coats             

When you  book your pedicure appointment,
ask Jan to allocate more time on rough skin on your feet
if this is a specific problem for you.

Please remove all polish and wear flip flops or similar for pedicure treatments.

 I recommend that you have have a
 professional manicure or pedicure at least once every 4-6 weeks.
 This will ensure a well groomed appearance, encourage healthy nail growth
 and may prevent minor nail damage e.g. split and brittle nails.

07974 978411
0151 548 1086
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